Management Team

    Matthew Nicholls

    Sales Director

    Matthew is originally from the United Kingdom and is our Sales Director.  Originally a leather scientist, Matthew converted to sales over 10 years ago and today looks after seat cover development and sales across the group.  

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    Jim Barrett

    Vice President

    Jim Barrett was born and raised in Southern California.  As the VP of the company, Jim is responsible for advanced product development and corporate strategy. A keen outdoors man, Jim is an avid motorcross and snowboard fan.

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    Jon Sherk

    Purchasing Manager

    Jon is our master planner and ensures materials and products have everything they need to become the products we create.  With over 15 years experience in the aircraft seating industry, Jon is a valuable team member.  In his spare time, Jon is a fully trained Chef and by night rumoured to be the Batman...

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    Noel Castellon Jr

    Vice President

    Noel Castellon Jr is part of the family and is vice president of Operations at Aerofoams.  Jr has a thorough knowledge of machinery, equipment and foam systems through his lifelong association with the company.

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    Doug Fournier

    Production Manager Aeroplastics

    Doug is an industry veteran and has worked in the foam and plastics industry for over 20 years.  A keen cycler, Doug is a coach and one of the founders of the Monrovia mountain bike club in Southern California.

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    Julio Mendoza

    Program Engineer

    Julio Mendoza is our lead program engineer.  Julio has over ten years of aircraft seating engineering experience at major seating OEM's and at Aerofoams heads up our R&D engineering team.  A qualified CAD engineer in both AutoCAD and Solidworks make him an important, peace loving part of our team.  

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    Darlene Garay

    Financial Controller

    Darlene is our Financial Controller and is responsible for managing our finnancial systems.  One of her many roles is to monitor our account holders and their timelyness, I should also mention that she is a Mixed Martial Artist and does not tolerate late payments....

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    Sergio Gonzalez

    Production Manager Aerofoams

    Sergio Gonzalez is our production manager.  Sergio has over ten years experience in the aircraft seating industry with major OEM's and is a stickler for details.  

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    Gregg Fosgett

    General Manager AeroCovers

    Gregg is our Chef de Mission in our Aerocovers division.  As GM of our seat covers division, Gregg brings over 15 years worth of aircraft seat cover experience to our team.  His attention to detail and preparedness make him the ultimate boy scout and a fantastic GM.  

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    Vicky Figueroa

    Human Resources Manager

    Vicky is our Human Resources manager and is responsible for hiring, firing and paying us our wages.  We love Vicky very very much...

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