Hot Pants? For lasting relief try sitting on diamond dust

Airlines will soon be able to tell passengers they are sitting on diamond infused foam.  The latest innovation from the Aerofoam team is our state of the art, diamond infused memory foam.  Whilst you can see the diamond particles literally sparkle, they do also have a practical purpose.

"The diamond particles serve a very useful purpose in the foam" commented VP Jim Barrett.  "Diamond is one of the most thermally conductive minerals known to man and that attribute is used within our Carbonado Foam product". 

The Diamond particles are used to dissipate heat and energy through thermal conductivity, which makes negates the effect that some visco material can have of warming.  In addition to the comfort, it also has some interesting flammability characterstics.  Matthew Nicholls, Sales Director commented "the advanced thermal properties of diamond effectively manage the thermal capacity of the product, which has important side effects.  It means that the foam laminates incredibly well, with very even adhesvie properties and it has natural flame retardency through its temperature regluation".  

This is one foam that will literally put the sparkle into seating.