3d Moulded Seat Covers

Tailored dress covers just got couture

What are 3d moulded seat covers?

We frequently get asked a question of why cant aircraft seat covers look as good say as a Mercedes S Class?  

The answer is they can and we do....our 3d moulded seat covers are designed exclusively in a 3d CAD environment.  From the designers point of view, they can introduce complex curves, patterns, textures, 3d textures, shapes and styles.  


    • Ideal for Complex Curves
    • No forward or lateral movement
    • Guarenteed Wrinkle Free
    • No Bunching
    • 100% repeatable
    • Low Process Time

From the design stage we create a mould using our 5 axis CNC routers with virtually zero tolerance on size and shape.  The seat cover material is fitted into the mould and then using a special process the foam is formed in situ within the tool.  

The piece that comes out is textured and shaped exactly as the mould with 100% repeatability and zero tolerance of rejects and flaws. 

3D Moulded