Laminated Dress Covers

Tailored Dress Covers

Laminated dress covers are seat covers whereby the cover material is bound to the foam for a continuous bond.

The technology for laminated covers started predominantly in the automotive industry and has slowly spread into the commerical aviation industry.  As customer expectations continue to rise, the demand for the best fit and finish continues to grow.  

Customers frequently ask why they cannot have the same quality of fit and finish of their car in an aircraft seat and that difference is delivered by laminated seat covers.  

    • Guarenteed Wrinkle Free
    • Design and Manufactured in SoCal
    • Seat Cover Pattern Design using CAD systems
    • Fast Fit Cover System

A common complaint of laminated seat covers can be that they exacerbate wrinkling and can suffer delamination.  The Aerofoam process was designed from the ground up with some of the most experienced leather and materials science experts in the world to produce a cover set that doesnt wrinkle.

The traditional process of applying adhesive by spray gun doesnt provide uniform bond strength and the variance is perceived as wrinkles.  The Aerofoam process does away with this entirely by dry dosing the adhesive in much smaller but more uniform quantities into the foam.  The foam is designed to be receptive to the surface material and is pretreated to ensure an even uptake of adhesive throughout the foam.  

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We could tell you more, but im afraid thats a trade secret safely kept in our underground vault. 

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