Transporting Precious Cargo

Aircraft have long been synonymous with innovation, inspiration and technical achievement.  When we build a seat cushion, our number one priority is to make our passengers as comfortable as possible.  Wether it's a ten hour transatlantic flight or a short commuter hop, protecting our passengers' comfort is always top of the agenda. 

For us, we're always transporting the most precious of cargo.



    • Or cushions save an average of 1lbs per pax place.
    • In tests, 95% of customers prefer the comfort of our cushions.
    • Our lead time is quicker
    • Our costs are lower

Our state of the art production facility in Southern California houses all of our production lines under one roof.  We are the only company that has true vertical integration, none of our production processes are sub-contracted, everything Aerofoams manufacture is made by an Aerofoams employee.