Lightweight Core Ethafoam Core Material


  •                                           AF15FR-LITE

    • Closed Cell Ethafoam
    • Ideal as Flotation Foam
    • Mass = 1.3 lbs ft3
    • 5 Year Warranty as standard

AF15FR-Lite or sometimes reffered to as AeroLite is the lightest weight flotation foam available on the market today.  

AF15FR-lite is an Ethafoam polyethylene closed cell foam. AF15FR-lite is flame retardant and suitable for use in commercial aircraft interiors.

AF15FR-Lite is a durable, flexible and inherently lightweight foam with excellent vibration and shock absorbency properties. AF15FR-Lite has outstanding dimensional stability and recovery characteristics. AF15FR-Lite's water resistant capabilities make it the ideal material to use as flotation cushion also.

AF15FR-Lite is one of the lightest foams available in the aircraft interiors industry today.

It is the perfect base material for the ultimate in lightweight cushions. 

Click here to download the AF15FR-Lite Data sheet.