Visco-Elastic Flame Retardant Foam

Graphite Impregnated Flame Retardant Memory Foam


    • Grahite Impregnated Memory Foam
    • No Fireblocking Layer Required
    • Softness of 25 ILD
    • High Resilient Foam
    • 5 Year Warranty as standard


LRGR45-100 is our firmest flame retardant memory foam. The LRGR line of foam is the only type of memory foam commercially available today that is suitable for use in commercial aviation interiors.

Memory foams or visco-elastic foams were developed by NASA as a solution for astronauts in zero gravity environments. The higher visco elastic properties of the LRGR range of foam, provides greater comfort and support by molding to the contour of the passenger which allows for a more even dispersion of pressure throughout the seat cushion. Typically memory foams have a higher density making it more supportive and heavier. The LRGR memory foams are unique in that they do not significantly increase the mass of the cushion beyond that of existing firehard polyurethane foams.

LRGR45-100's firmer density provides much greater support than the lighter LRGR45-50 and provides the highest level of anatomical cushioning of any foam commercially available in the market today. LRGR45-100 is ideally used for seat bottom cushions to alleviate hard spots, its pressure dispersion abilities are unrivalled in seat cushioning. 

Click here to download the LRGR45-100 Data sheet.