Graphite Impregnated Flame Retardant Foam

    • Graphite Impregnated Foam
    • No need for Fireblocking
    • Softness of 25 ILD
    • High Resilient Foam
    • 5 Year Warranty as standard

AF51-290 is a medium density polyurethane based, graphite impregnated, flame retardant foam, suitable for use without fireblocker in commercial aerospace interiors.  The high resilient nature of this foam ensures a prolonged life in service and is significantly less prone to shearing or dusting than conventional foams.

AF51-290 meets the requirements of CFR 25.853 part 1, the 12 second vertical burn and CFR 25.853 part 2, the seat oil burn or Kerosene burn test as standard without needing a fireblocking layer.

All of our AF range of firehard foams are treated with UltraFreshTM, for antimicrobial protection throughout its lifespan.

AF51-290 is commonly used in seat backs and as a support layer in bottom cushions. Its comparative lightweight compared to other cushions with a 55 ILD makes it a consistent choice for seat cushions.