High Resilient Aircraft Foam

The core of every lightweight and comfortable seat cushion.

High resilient foam has greater recovery and longer life than conventional foam.

Our high resilient polyurethane foams form the core of almost every seat cushion we make.  High resilient foam is naturally lighter in weight and has much greater bounce back and recovery than conventional foam.  


    • Intrinsically Lightweight
    • Greater Recovery and "Bounce Back"
    • Lower Cost
    • Greater range of density
    • Longer Lifespan

The true skill comes in knowing where and when to use HR foam and in what configuration.  Let our experienced team of engineers guide you in designing and building the correct configuration to maximise comfort for your passengers while maintaining the lowest weight to save on fuel burn.


Our seat cushions built with HR foam typically save 1lbs per pax, which equates to:-

  1. 3lbs per triple @ 189 density = 189 lbs 
  2. 189 lbs X 20 gallons of Fuel X 500 aircraft = 1,890,000 Fuel save pa
  3. 1,890,000 X $1.80 per gallon = $3,402,000 pa in fuel