At Aeroplasticts, we thermoform, vacuum form and finish plastics into aircraft tray tables, aircraft seat shells and any other plastic seat furniture. TurnKey plastic solutions for your aircraft interior.

    • Verticall integrated in-house
    • 5 axis CNC routing
    • Automated thermoforming press
    • Tooling dept onsite
    • Rapid prototyping design and manufacture
    • Turn key build with foam and leather

Thermoforming is typically carried out with either thin or thick gauge plastic sheets.  Thin gauge is typically found in plastic cups, containers, lids etc, while thick-gauge forming is used to form thicker, stronger parts such as tray tables, the shells of seat backs and armcaps.  Our five axis CNC routers and state of the art vacuum forming machinery can produce many thousands of finished parts with precision accuracy and repeatability. 

From our 5 axis CNC routing, to industrial scale thermoform machinery, every stage of the AeroPlastics process is carried out in house, vertically integrated under one roof.

Our tooling division works with customers to custom design and shape tooling for your product.  Attention to detail is key at every step, with customised flow holes for fast air-eject standard on every part.  Wether its aluminium, timber or polyurethane styling block, fast prototype and production tooling can be designed and built within days.