3D Molded Seat Covers

What are 3D molded seat covers?

We frequently get asked a question of why cant aircraft seat covers look as good say as a Mercedes S Class?

The answer is they can and we do....our 3D molded seat covers are designed exclusively in a 3D CAD environment. From the designers point of view, they can introduce complex curves, patterns, textures, 3D textures, shapes and styles.

Key Facts

Ideal for Complex Curves
No forward or lateral movement
Guarenteed Wrinkle Free
No Bunching
100% repeatable
Low Process Time

From the design stage we create a mold using our 5 axis CNC routers with virtually zero tolerance on size and shape. The seat cover material is fitted into the mold and then using a special process the foam is formed in situ within the tool.

The piece that comes out is textured and shaped exactly as the mold with 100% repeatability and zero tolerance of rejects and flaws.

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