Probax Takes Off with Aviation Deal
Posted By Nathan/ Monday, March 2, 2015

Probax Takes Off with Aviation Deal

Aerofoam Industries of California and UK based NuBax Limited have announced a partnership giving Aerofoam exclusive rights to ProBax® Advanced Seating Technology for use in aviation interiors. The partnership takes immediate effect and ProBax® will be part of the Aerofoam product offering across all seat ranges.

Probax utilises a patented technology to encourage correct seated posture without the addition of any mechanical devices. The Probax design process utilises the teams’ extensive experience in biomechanics to define key reference points within a seat cushion. Those reference points are then expertly built into a 3d shape using Aerofoams patented foam technology to create the final seat cushion that in trials was over a 1lb per pax lighter.

The anatomically correct shape of the cushion effectively rotate the hips of the passenger backwards to encourage them to sit in a posturaly correct position. With the body now fully supported, less stress is put on the muscular system leading to less pain and more comfort. By rotating the hips, the passenger’s moves backwards and creates up to six inches more knee space within the same pitch.

“We know that correct seated posture is the key to better comfort, improved physiological benefits, and increased seat durability as seat users fidget less. With this tie-up we can add the potential to save weight and space through materials only available through Aerofoams and gain rapid access to customers in the commercial market,” said Ian Moore, NuBax CEO. “With the increasing importance of increased fuel efficiency, we anticipate that improved passenger comfort via a lighter, slimmer seat will be of interest to commercial fleets of throughout the world”

ProBax® has been clinically proven to increase blood-flow, aid blood oxygenation, reduce muscle fatigue, discomfort and even improve digestion, all by inducing an anatomically more correct seated posture.

“We have always been the goto company for comfort in aircraft seat cushions and now we are able to empirically define that comfort bio-mechanically” commented Aerofoams Sales Director Matthew Nicholls. “The end result is a lighter, more comfortable seat cushion that offers more leg room and mitigates the risk of DVT. An added side effect is that by keeping passengers comfortable, they’re less prone to adjusting their seat incline, potentially reducing passenger irritability and the use of devices such as the infamous knee blockers.

Probax has its origins in the medical field where its effects have been widely praised as a solution to back pain. Customers in the theater industry have also been pleased with the results. Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber, chairman of the Really Useful Group, said about seats featuring the foam: “The thing I like best about these seats is that the audience forgets all about them! They sit still and happy and can concentrate on the show... music to my ears.”

Beth Morgan, manager at the Fortune Theater in London, adds, “Nine months on and still not a single seat complaint. That’s good for a theater manager, but it’s the way the atmosphere has changed during the play that I still notice. At the high drama points the audience is still, silent and focused totally on the stage. There’s just no fidgeting!”

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