Aircraft have long been synonymous with innovation and inspiration. Aerofoam’s number one priority when building a seat is comfort. In order to make a passenger as comfortable as possible an equal amount of effort must be put into the seat as the airframe and avionics. Whether you’re a business traveller flying transatlantic or a family going across the U.S. your comfort is our priority.

Our products are always carrying the most precious cargo, you.

Aerofoam Cushions

Save an average of 1lbs per pax place with our cushions
Fastest lead time in the industry
95% of customers prefer the comfort of our cushions in trials
Lowest costs, backed by highest quality

Looking for foam? Aerofoam has recently started selling our proprietary foams in order to support the MRO and general aviation industries. We want all aircraft to be equipped with our state-of-the-art foams and materials. Available in sheets, rolls or cut to size. These foams are truly comfortable.

Give us a call or request our new graphite foam sample kit!


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