Aircraft Interior Plastics

Aerofoam ThermoFormed Plastics

Automated Thermoforming Ensures Repeatable Quality
In-House Development & Tooling
5-axis CNC Trimming
Turnkey Plastic Assemblies
Advanced Production Processes

The vast majority of Aerofoam plastic components are completed using thermoforming. Thermoforming is a manufacturing process utilizing heated plastic sheets with a vacuum press. Aerofoam currently has six thermoformers dedicated to food-trays and small components, and two large 3 stage thermoformers for backshell and backrest forming. As well as thermoforming, Aerofoam plastic production capabilities include milling high-tolerance plastic components and pressure forming.

Thermoformed and pressure formed components require trimming and our state of the art 5-axis CNC machines trim fast, efficient, and with an ultra-high degree of quality.

From 5-axis CNC routing, to industrial scale thermoform machinery, every stage of the Aerofoam plastic production process is performed in house.

Aerofoam's tooling and development department can work with customers to custom build tooling for all components. The tooling department works quickly and can manufacture tools using aluminum, resin board, wood, or even 3d printed plastics.


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