High Tech Cutting
Posted By Nathan/ Tuesday, March 3, 2015

High Tech Cutting

Aerofoam Industries is bringing high technology aerospace growth to Lake Elsinore through the installation of the first Gerber Taurus 2 leather cutting machine on the west coast of America.

Aerofoam Industries is a manufacturer of aircraft interior soft goods. The company manufactures aircraft seating foam, seat cushions, thermoform plastics and aircraft seat overs at its Corydon Road headquarters.

The Gerber Taurus2 leather cutter is a state of the art laser guided cutting machine that cuts leather to the precise shapes needed in the manufacturing of aircraft seat covers. Aerofoams VP and founder Jim Barrett commented “we’re proud to install the first Gerber Taurus 2 on the west coast of America and it demonstrates our commitment to bringing advanced technology to the region.”

Jim, a Southern California native co-founded the company in partnership with his father in law, Noel Castellon and brother in law Noel Castellon Jr. Jim runs the day-to-day operations of Aerofoams and his extensive experience in designing and engineering comfortable seat cushions has him affectionately known as the comfort king of aircraft seating.

Aerofoams started manufacturing seat cushions in partnership with Zodiac Seats at their Rancho Cucamonga facility and have grown rapidly to become the goto specialist for passenger comfort. Extending their supply chain to aircraft seat covers started in early 2013 Aerofoams recruited production experts Gregg Fosgett and Jon Sherk from Zodiac. In late 2014, Master Leather Scientist Matthew Nicholls was recruited from Leather sellers Yarwood Leather of Leeds, England to be the final piece of the puzzle.

The Taurus2 is manufactured by Gerber Scientific of Tolland Connecticut and having a US based manufacturer was a key factor in VP Barretts decision making process. “We extensively reviewed the solutions available and it was important to have local support and backup. Our products are proudly made in America and it was nice to have a leading American product be part of our expansion” commented Barrett.

Aerofoams hopes to commission their machine in the coming weeks and is actively recruiting for new staff to support their expansion. It looks like Aerofoams will be flying high in Lake Elsinore for the long haul!

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