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Fireblocking is the art of wrapping fireblock material around a seat cushion to improve its flame retardancy properties as a composite material in order to pass the mandatory FAA and EASA test regime.

We typically use Poly-aramid woven or spun materials to ensure the highest in flame retardancy at the lowest weight possible. Some of our advanced fabrics are among the lightest in the industry, but with absolute class leading fire blocking performance.

Aerocovers | Fire-Block Covers

Some fireblocking is loosely covered around a seat cushion, but the best is sewn and glued to ensure a homogeneous unit is built to fit the aircraft seat. Adding a fireblocking layer gives you peace of mind that the cushion will not fail the Kerosene or C burn test, so critical to aircraft seat certification. But it doesn't stop there, by adding an liner, it gives us an added benefit of having a substrate to attach velcro, labels and any other fixings needed to ensure a seamless and comfortable fit of seat cushion onto seat frame.

Our fireblocking materials have first in class flame retardency. Our materials were originally developed from the motorsport industry and feature household names such as Nomex and Kevlar interwoven with our advanced yarns.

Advanced Flame retardency doesn't mean added weight, our materials are among some of the lightest commercially available fabrics and there is no weight penalty for adding a fire blocking layer.


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