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Loose Fit

Loose fit aircraft seat covers works as a lower cost alternative to laminated covers. In the past the overall majority of airplane seat dress covers were manufactured to be loose-fit. Loose fit seat covers are predominately made using fabric or traditional leather.

On many low cost carriers and short haul international air carriers loose fit dress covers are still readily available. The reduced manufacturing time, cost, and engineering effort can lead to a much cheaper option.

Quality Made Loose Fit Covers

Lowest Cost
Fastest Production Time
Lowest Reject Rate
Tried and Trusted Method
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Loose fit seat covers tend to bunch, sag, and wrinkle over time. These issues can lead to customer discomfort and complaints.

Aerofoam's technological abilities allow for loose fit dress covers to be modeled using 3D CAD software that includes stress testing and material analysis. These covers can be manufactured with the highest degree of comfort and durability attainable. Stress points and hot spots can be found and mitigated using pressure mapping.


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