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Loose Fit

A loose fit dress cover is one that is not bonded or held to its substrate save for velcro and/or stitch lines.

Loose fit dress covers are still probably the most common type of seat cover because they're the quickest to manufacture and the least labour intensive.

Loose fit dress covers often have a bad reputation unfairly given to them because of poor design. The design, curvature and tension of a loose fit cover must be accuratelt assessed otherwise gathering and bagging can result.

Key Facts

Lowest Cost
Fastest Production Time
Lowest Reject Rate
Tried and Trusted Method

The AeroCovers Loose fit system uses 3d CAD modelling to measure and map the tension and curvature in a 3d cushion. Our software accurately predicts areas of low tension and highlights them to ensure we can re-design quickly and efficiently to ensure the "not spot" is removed.

Aerocovers | Loose-Fit Seat Covers

A well designed loose fit system that has been engineered to ensure there are no unsprung zones can provide customers with some of the best looking and most economical dress covers available on the market today.


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