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Loose-fit aircraft seat covers ruled the airline world for many decades. Starting with fabrics and leathers, many airlines today still fly with a loose-fit cover. The majority of airlines flying with a loose-fit aircraft seat cover are short-haul or low-cost carriers. The price for manufacturing is typically lower than a laminated cover, and upkeep can be easier.

Loose fit airline seat covers are the lowest cost option available and that means there are trade-offs operators can typically experience. Laminated aircraft seat covers allow an airline to offer a truly wrinkle-free passenger experience and achieve a higher degree of corporate branding and aesthetics directly on the seats. Loose fit dress covers can also be outfitted with piping, embossing, and decorative stitching, however, it is much harder to maintain a clean and polished look. Another trade-off can be passenger comfort...

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Loose fit seat covers tend to bunch, sag, and wrinkle over time. These issues can lead to customer discomfort and complaints.

Aerofoam's technological abilities allow for loose fit dress covers to be modeled using CAD software including stress testing and material analysis. These covers can be manufactured with the highest degree of comfort and durability attainable. Stress points and hot spots can be found and mitigated using pressure mapping.

Loose-fit covers are being made obsolete, with recent technological innovations laminated aircraft seat covers can be made for close to the same cost and with increased comfort.

No matter what, loose fit aircraft seat covers are still the cheapest, easiest to develop, and easiest to maintain airline seat covers, for many air carriers this is exactly what they're looking for.


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