AFI51 High Resilient Aircraft Foam


High Resilient Polyurethane Seat Foam

Key Facts

High Resilient Polyurethane Foam
Requires Fire Blocking
Softness - 51 ILD
Intrinsically Lightweight
Great Bounce and Recovery
Ideal Core Foam

Our AFI range of high resilience foams form the core of almost every seat cushion we build. With a range of lower densities, our PU foam cores allow us to build customised comfort for every seat frame.

Our polyurethane foams are flame retardant to FAR 25.853a only and do require a fireblocking layer to meet the full FAR 28.853c Seat Oil Burner requirements.

Our high resilient foams are intrinsically lightweight and give great bounce back and recovery for the optimum in comfort.

The AFI51 foam is a lightweight, high density foam that is used where strong recovery is required. The AFI51 foam has great recovery and forms the heart of many comfortable seat cushions. AFI51 can be used as the complete core of a seat cushion or back cushion with confidence that it will last in service for years to come.


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