Embraer E2

Working with Zodiac and Embraer on the E2 project exercised all of Aerofoam group disciplines, seat covers, cushions and thermoform plastics.

When Zodiac approached us with their client, we knew we were creating something special. The brief this time was to produce a turnkey interior using all of our disciplines.

It was a great challenge not only in meeting the customer' expectations but in managing multiple teams all working towards the same deadline.

Embraer E2 Seating

Everything within the plane was mandated to be lightweight but high quality.

Jim Barrett VP commented "the concept Embraer have embarked on is genuinely ground breaking and combining lightweight advanced materials while keeping them comfortable for the customer was an interesting challenge".

Our seat cushion team worked with Embraer to produce arguably their most comfortable cushion yet. The benchmark was set high, with one of the lowest pressure map goals we have seen in the industry so far. It was important to the client that the seat cushion was comfortable for both male and female and a variety of different body types. Our final solution passed pressure mapping with flying colours and looks like being one of the most comfortable aircraft seats flying today.

Our Interiors team worked with the teams of engineers to build comfort and comfort plus dress covers featuring a new type of hybrid lamination system to ensure maximum repeatability and consistency. The new process gives the final customer almost unlimited choice, while keeping the designers within a sandbox to ensure production speed and efficiency whilst maximising style.

Our Aeroplastics division created one of the most advanced tray tables with bi-fold mechansism and a true fit. The closeness of fit and finish combined with the longevity we know it will bring will make flying on the E2 a world class experience.


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