KLM 787 Business Class

KLM had high standards for the design and orientation of the soft goods inside their new Boeing 787's. Our solution ensured it was a perfect fit every time.

Working in partnership with Seating OEM, Zodiac Seats, we were both given a unique challenge to bring KLM's expectations to life for their new business class seat.

KLM were looking for a modern, classy European style fit and finish that would be synonymous with their heritage and the Dutch way of thinking. They were looking for a tight fitting but comfortable look for their seating soft goods.

KLM 787 Business Class Seating

One of the key elements with the KLM product was attention to detail.

Matthew Nicholls, Sales Director commented "we were impressed with KLM's attention to detail throughout the program. It provided us with challenges in ensuring that their multiple seams lined up throughout the seat, literally from front to back."

The true challenge was combining aluminium, plastics, advanced foam and leather into one homegenous part. The client also required that all of the decorative seams lined up, which was no small challenge.

The foams used in different areas with different substrates meant there was a variety of different densities that required balancing. By carefully mapping product densities, we plotted the curves of the seam lines to match and the end result was that all lines intersected beautifully.

A perfect match.


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