Etihad Airlines

The seating OEM of the revolutionary new Residence Suites for Etihad approached us with a problem. Their customer was building a new passenger class that was beyond the typical requirements of First Class. They wanted to set new standards and the highest quality for their passengers. The airline specifically wanted to replicate the luxurious quality that their high net worth, first class customers experience in their homes.

In modern luxury residence, the overwhelming desire from a mattress is a comfortable nights sleep and one of the best types of mattress' is a visco-elastic or memory foam mattress. Memory foam mattress support each individual person's shape and size by expanding or contracting depending on the localized pressure. They expand back to their original shape afterwards to ensure no long term loss of height or failure and hence the name memory foam. We were able to build an FAR compliant memory foam, without the usual problems of adding weight, which was also a key requirement for the airline.

Etihad Airlines Residence Suites

The Etihad design consortium and the seating OEM also wanted clearly defined structure within their foam to create some of the groundbreaking designs they have visualized. They tried using conventional non high resilient foam to begin with, but because it was not high resilient, the foam required a high density to maintain its intricate shape. By using high resilient foam, the inherent greater strength meant we could make a more comfortable unit at a lighter weight without compromising quality, in fact it enhanced it.

We were proud to have built the ottoman cushions, the divans and the mattress, but don't take our word for it, according to Dannii Minogue "they are beautiful and cozy and will give you an wonderful nights sleep".

The Etihad Design Consortium and Etihad as an airline have set a new benchmark and in an era where first class is becoming less common, they have not only re-invented it, they have pushed the boundary even higher. A cursory check of flight availability shows these amazing new suites are already sold out well in advance and don't expect much change from $40,000 for a return flight. the Etihad Residence suites are truly an exceptional experience all round and we're proud to have played a part in the process.


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